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Automation making contract by aI

AI-driven contract automation can significantly increase efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance compliance in the contract management process.


Legal consulting services

Legal consulting services are essential for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of the legal system and make informed decisions that align with their legal rights and responsibilities.


Business consulting services

Business consulting services are valuable for both established businesses and startups, as they provide expertise and fresh perspectives to address challenges and seize opportunities.


Technical consulting services

Technical consulting services are essential for staying competitive and efficient in an increasingly complex technological landscape.


International company registration services

International company registration services are crucial for companies looking to expand their global presence or enter new markets.


International warehousing services

International warehousing services are an integral part of the global supply chain, helping businesses manage their inventory, streamline distribution, reduce shipping costs, and enhance customer service.

Compiled Projects

  • Self-healing Concrete for Existing Urban Structures

    Technology Seeker :

    Isfahan municipality

    5 months ago

  • Smart Pedestrian Crossing Lights for Urban Traffic Optimization

    Technology Seeker :

    Tehran municipality

    4 months ago

  • High-Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Insulating Ceramic Tiles

    Technology Seeker :

    The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of the Country

    6 months ago

  • Disposal or Conversion of Excess Sulfates in the Oil Purification Process

    Technology Seeker :

    The National Refineries Company

    6 months ago

  • Intelligent Tax and Investment Calculation System

    Technology Seeker :

    The Calculators Company

    6 months ago

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